Tropical Dome

This is a section of a larger oil pastel drawing I did a couple of years ago. I wanted to create an exotic tropical environment housed in a large glass dome. I imagine this ginormous dome would be full of all sorts of strange and wonderful header

Ink Honey Bee

I went to the M.C Escher exhibition yesterday at the Modern Art Gallery. I found his earlier works really beautiful; the detail and tone he achieved through lithography was amazing.

When I got home I decided to get my black ink out and and create a very simple honey bee image.

Photo 07-07-2015 16 37 12 (3)

Photo 07-07-2015 16 37 45 (1)

Beginners Beekeeping course

I went up to the highlands for the weekend and attended a one day beginners beekeeping course just south of Elgin run by the Moray Beekeepers Association ( I learnt lots of interesting things about honey bees and hope that my notes will inspire some of my drawings.


Protesting Bees

Spring appeared in Edinburgh today, finally, so I went to sit out in the sun and took some photos of grass. I know that grass doesn’t sound like the most exciting subject, but thought the images would make good backdrops for bug drawings. Here is an old sketch of some protesting bees ontop of a photo.